My fursona: Finnley

A not so short story

Finnley Wittevos (often just Finnley or Finn) is a mostly standard arctic fox with some colorful touches across his body.

He was born in the deep west of Germany. There are little to no details about the period between 2004 and 2021. It is known that he was bullied in school though. That left him with scars he hides under his thick coat of white fur. After studying computer science, he moved into a small apartment which he proudly calls his personal den.

Finn is an eloquent speaker and a good rhetorician, but he is mostly known for his rather dorky behavior and his understanding of computers and code. Despite his fluffy and cute appearance, he loves dark humor and cracks jokes about everyone and everything.

Finn is around 170 cm or 5'7'' tall, which makes him a bit smaller than some of his friends. His tail is very wide and around half as big as him. It features a green tip. His right ear is white with a green inner portion, while his left ear is completely black. It is rumored that this symbolizes a dark past, but no one is actually sure. A green patch of hair covers his head, perfect to pat or to ruffle through. His blue eyes exude absolute trust to those he loves. His paws show green beans.

Despite his thick fur coat, Finn prefers to wear a blue hoodie which provides comfort. The pocket is always open for smaller guests (or for his paws, it depends). He thinks that "trousers are for those who fear the horny" and is part of the Nullvember movement.


Here are some references to look at. I'm looking to expand this in the near future! :)

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